The cover of The Road Beneath Our Feet photobook.

The Road Beneath Our Feet

The Road Beneath Our Feet

Dan Murano’s expressions expand our own visions. These photos wake us up as if we've been sleeping –just waiting to be shown what to see— to experience what Dan saw. The photographer captures the consciousness of a scene; and the poet speaks to its intuition, offering another dimension to sight.

The Long Game, by Grace Cavalieri

"The Long Game," A review by Barbara Quick

March 3, 2024

Literary fairy godmother to countless grateful writers, the indefatigable nonagenarian poet, playwright and podcast host Grace Cavalieri is celebrating the publication of her 27th book of poems. Only recently retired from an extra-long and energetic term as Maryland’s 10th Poet Laureate, Cavalieri has all the while carried on as host and founder of the legendary interview program broadcast from the Library of Congress, “The Poet and the Poem” ...

Twigga, by Kenneth Flynn

Kenneth Flynn

The intricate work of American sculptor Kenneth Flynn in wood, metal and stone.

Ken’s ideas were completely original. He began by carving a figure from wood, and then he hammered roofing nails into the wood. After this, he dripped molten bronze on each steel nail head—drip by drip. -Grace Cavalieri